Let's work together


Common Objectives & Goals

Equipe Trading believes that strong partnerships are key to the development of sustainable businesses. This is not only about commercial terms and conditions, but also about having a common objective and vision. This makes work fun, respectful, effective and successful. As your partner we are keen to hear, learn and improve based on your feedback. By sharing knowledge we advance together and achieve mutual goals.

We are an ongoing developer and dedicated partner of funsports, with strong roots in and focus towards the windsurfing industry. Our extensive brand-family enables us to provide a complete range of products required by many B2B professionals.


What can I expect from Equipe Trading?


Knowledge about your business and caring about your needs is our priority. Equipe Trading members consider it both a pleasure and a duty to keep partners well informed, to think in your interest, and to come up with feasible solutions for any need. Open communication and forward planning is key to creating successful business partnerships.


'Be organized and stay organized' is the Equipe Trading mantra to avoid wasting time, product, and money. Working well together reduces costs, avoids frustration and facilitates business success.


Close collaboration with partners is based on accountability, respect, and understanding of associate businesses and their culture. These these elements in place it is possible to build a solid, enduring and mutually beneficial business relationships.


'Being completely involved.' The Equipe Trading approach is not 'if' but 'when' or, better still - 'NOW'!


“I’ve been working with Equipe Trading since 2009. At the beginning I had to send my orders by email, which was difficult both for Equipe Trading and for us, as we needed to consult on so many details. After they introduced the B2B, we no longer needed to exchange emails or phone calls. Everything is so easy – they have reliable stock levels (also presenting goods availability in 8 weeks ahead) and they have fixed prices. I can place my order whenever I want – basing on the current products’ availability. What’s more, they react very fast and I get the order confirmation soon after.”

Bartek Grezsiek, Poland


"Efficient in every aspect of the supplying. One stop solution for sourcing different windsurfing products. Excellent!"

Sam Wong, Hong Kong


“We really appreciate the comprehensive range of quality products available from Equipe Trading. The consistent and responsive service we receive from Equipe Trading make them a pleasure to deal with and makes them stand out from the rest.”

Fletcher Husband, Australia


"Equipe Trading is a major partner of the Hotmer group. They are a supplier who understand perfectly the needs of a surf shop. Our whole operation with them runs very efficiently."

Laurent Mathecowitsch, France


“Fast delivery to the store and customers and very well organized. Products of Unifiber are very good and stay unchanged for long times. For our shop that is a good argument to have Unifiber in our range.”

Marc Schraverus, The Netherlands